Let Us Celebrate Together by Amy Petré Hill

written by Amy Petré Hill

Last Friday my congregation’s WISE Team came together to celebrate over a meal. We held up what we had accomplished, shared what we failed to do, and reflected upon what we learned from each of these experiences. There was no finger pointing or blame, but laughter and appreciation of our service to others in the midst of our own imperfections. Jesus’ name was only mentioned in prayer at the beginning of our meal, but his presence was gathered with us in our rejoicing.

In the midst of caring for others, keeping a roof over our heads, and serving our community, celebration can fall by the wayside. Bombarded by the media with unattainable images of what “success” looks like, we can become focused on what we don’t have or what we haven’t done.

Yet, Jesus did not call us to be perfect. Instead, he tells us to walk with God and love our neighbor as ourselves the best we can. Taking time to rejoice makes space for us to recognize when we have loved our neighbors and reminds us that we really are enough.

Jesus promises than when one or more people are gathered in his name, he will be there (Matt 18:20). May we provide opportunities for Jesus to be with us in joy by taking the time to celebrate our successes in community.

Amy Petré Hill is the Director of Mental Health and Inclusion Ministries at Mountain View United Church in Aurora, Colorado, a Chaplain Resident at a Denver hospital, and Member-in-Discernment for ordination in the UCC. Amy currently serves on the UCC Mental Health Network Board of Directors.

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