Connected by Kirk Moore

Written by Kirk Moore 

It’s all connected.  Linked. Together.

All to each other.  Everything.

That may sound a little out there for today.  So let me start a little smaller.  Personal.

All of me is connected to all of me.  Mind, body, spirit.  Health is about health will all of it.  When something is going on with one part of me it affects all of me.

Mental health is health.  Physical health is health.  Spiritual health is health.

So how can we nurture, grow, heal, and strengthen health?

By remembering that it’s all connected.

In church it's with singing, prayer, movement, listening, and breathing.
At work it’s with meditation, movement, breathing, listening, and stretching.
At home it’s with yoga, music, gardening, cooking, and laughing.
Outside it’s with listening, grounding, noticing, relaxing, and frolicking.

And anywhere it’s with any and all of the things I’ve mentioned above.

Paying attention to whole self health isn’t limited to visits to medical professionals or following medical treatment schedules.  It’s about continuing to pay attention to all of it-- mind, body, and spirit.

It’s all connected.

Kirk Moore is a guitarist, vocalist, and a certified music practitioner, (CMP).  He’s also the pastor of St. Paul’s United Church of Christ in Downers Grove, IL and a member of the executive board of the UCC Mental health Network. Find out more about therapeutic music here.