UCC MHN statement in opposition to family separation

The Trump Administration's action to separate families is an egregious act. The trauma inflicted on these families, and especially the children, will have long-lasting effects. As a group that recognizes the impact of mental illness in our society, The UCC Mental Health Network is speaking out on behalf of those who have no voice.

The United Church of Christ Mental Health Network strongly opposes the separation of children from their parents. We add our outrage with all who have witnessed the lack of compassion and justice in this government's actions on immigration reform.  The Adverse Childhood Experiences study (ACES) has shown that childhood trauma can result in physical and mental health challenges in adulthood.

The mental and emotional scars produced by the heinous acts of the current administration will affect literally thousands of children over their lifespan.

Despite the fact that the decision to separate children has been reversed temporarily, it still does not address how those children who have been previously affected will be able to overcome the impact of the highly irresponsible decisions of our government, nor does it bode well for the future of justice with mercy for those who are seeking asylum.

We, the United Church of Christ Mental Health Network, believe that we are called to love our neighbors and welcome those who are seeking refuge.  We will continue to offer resources and mental health conferences to provide support for all who are living with mental health challenges and encourage our congregations to speak up and live out that welcome, inclusion, support and engagement.

We call on the Trump Administration to make permanent the moratorium on separating children from their parents at the border and to immediately reconnect those children who have been separated with their parents to be rejoined again.

The UCC Mental Health Network Board of Directors