Mental Health Sunday

The United Church of Christ Mental Health Network invites you to highlight mental health on the third Sunday in May or any Sunday that suits your schedule. 

We see Mental Health Sunday as a way for your congregation to begin or to continue to provide education and support to your members around mental health challenges. 

We encourage you to:

  • Plan a Sunday with the theme: "Widen the Welcome: UCC for Mental Health"
  • Use the collection of worship resources in the Resource Guide for Mental Health Sunday. You will find some newly created resources in the resource section below. Worship resources include sermon ideas as well as complete sermons, a litany, unison prayers and more. 
  • Explore the Congregational Toolkits for teaching your congregation about mental illnesses
  • Send us stories and/or questions (use the form below or email
  • Pay particular attention to future UCC MHN emails regarding mental health concerns

The UCC Mental Health Network intends to provide on-going resources and suggestions.  We would gladly welcome any of your questions as well as stories of what you have done regarding a focus on mental health in your congregation. Share these by emailing Alan Johnson, chair of the UCC Mental Health Network,


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  2. I have not found the UCC supportive, or even basically kind in regards to mental illness. I find support and community through Recovery International. I've given up on finding any support in this regard in the UCC.

  3. Good. And it teaches us something new about. thank you very much.
    andrew fawce

  4. Grace,

    I'm sorry to be so long in responding and am sorrier still that you did not find a UCC church which extended a welcome. As someone who lives with bipolar disorder, I am trying to change the church climate around mental health issues and welcoming.

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