Sun and Surf and Sand in my Toes by Kirk Moore

vacation montage by Kirk Moore

Written by Kirk Moore

{With apologies to, and a hat tip to the estate of Ian Dury and the continuing legacy of The Blockheads.}

Sun and surf and sand in my toes
Is all my brain and body need
Sun and surf and sand in my toes
Is very good indeed

Are you singing a tune in your head?

Yeah -- I think I want to start a punk band.

OK, not really. And sun and surf and sand in my toes (or the original three from Ian Dury . . .) aren’t all my brain and body need.

But my brain and body do need sun and surf and sand in my toes.

My brain and body need more - not less - nature. I need a deeper connection with trees, soil, water, wind, and sun.

Why? Because it helps bring my system into balance. Creation is so much more than a  simply a Bible story and something for human beings to use up for the sake of powering more and more machines.

Creation is a sacred, healing, core-balancing work of art.

And I need it. I just spent a few days absorbing it.

What is it that helps bring your system into balance?

Kirk Moore is a guitarist, vocalist, and a certified music practitioner, (CMP).  He’s also the pastor of St. Paul’s United Church of Christ in Downers Grove, IL and a member of the executive board of the UCC Mental health Network. Find out more about therapeutic music here.

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